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Types of C-Joist

Type 101

2 sets of pre-stressed concrete wire stands. Used for short to long spans with light loads.

Type 201

3 sets of pre-stressed concrete wire strands. Used for mid to longer spans with heavier loads.

Type 301

4 sets of pre-stressed concrete wire strands. Used for up to 6-6.5 meters with heavy loads.

Benefits and Advantages

Our C-Joist products are certified to undergo the utmost quality control manufacturing procedure. Moreover, thorough material handling procedures are demanded in the movement, storage, transport, control and protection of material and products throughout the process of their manufacture, distribution, consumption and disposal.

The standard C-Joist Cutting List was developed many years ago as a uniform method of communicating joist dimensions and details to build the actual joist components correctly. This widely-accepted procedure in our business is done by customers who use our Cutting List Form. Our customer actually draws the job, sends it out to our Engineering Department for approval and/or corrections. When these steps are complete, the final Cutting List is sent to us for fabrication. This method can save much time and the joists can be delivered to the job site much faster.

Concrete Ventures Group, Inc.’s business is based upon helping the customers build concrete structures efficiently and providing the most value for each peso spent. The use of concrete joists will cut down by at least 30% the construction costs of conventional cast-in-place methods. It also means more flexible construction for a faster delivery date.

Wood or lumber has been a basic building material since the dawn of civilization. Contemporary dwellings use wood for rafters, joists, studs, columns, beams, braces, sheathings, floorings, ceilings, girders, sills, jambs, doors, purlins, form lumber for concrete and other construction parts.

With the growing clamor by environmentalists, conservationists and the general public for the protection of the remaining forested areas, the manufacture of C-Joist was pursued as an alternative/substitute material for construction parts. Because C-Joist presents an excellent alternative to the traditional wooden joists, Concrete Ventures Group, Inc. was awarded by the Board of Investment (BOI) as a preferred pioneer industrial enterprise.

The primary products manufactured by Concrete Ventures Group, Inc. are the 101-Series, 201-Series and 301-Series. These joists are used to support floor and roofs in buildings such as schools, churches, hospitals, office buildings, banks, commercial and industrial buildings of all types. All joists are designed and manufactured in accordance with both the local and international construction standard specifications and load tables.

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